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Learning Habits

Last month I wrote about the Holy Habits of discipleship. This month I want to focus on the key habit of learning. At Ministers Summer School we looked at discipleship and were reminded that “A disciple is learning to live the way of Jesus in their context at this moment”

The first disciples of Jesus learnt at his feet – remember Jesus telling Martha that sister Mary had chosen the better part by choosing to learn from him (Lk 10:42). On another day she learnt of his compassion as she fell at his feet grieving her brother (Jn 11:32). Those disciples shared the stories and sayings of Jesus so that later generations could continue to learn and be identified as disciples.

Our learning takes the experience of first century Israel and translates that into our own context – sometimes we discover that human experience changes little across times and cultures, other times we discover that modern life creates its own questions to be explored in this moment. Thats why we continue to explore the bible on a Sunday, or in small groups and should be doing so in our individual lives – not as some strange add-on to church life but as a normal holy habit that is shared with those around us.

So what was the last thing your learnt about Jesus? How did that impact on your 21st Century life? How can we enable each other to learn? What help do you need with your own learning? Speak to you your Elders, let us know and help us to find ways to support your discipleship.

Another thing I learnt this week was the idea of TTT – it’s a question to be asked each Sunday – what will you de doing This Time Tomorrow (or Tuesday or Thursday)? In answering it, we hear about the challenges of being disciples Monday to Saturday and get an insight into the ways we can prayerfully support and encourage one another in our daily lives. So, be ready with a response when I ask, “What will you be doing TTT?” And receive the prayers we offer.

be blessed



Encouraging Holy Habits

At the beginning of June we will celebrate Pentecost, the moment when the first disciples began to realise that inspired by the Holy Spirit they could create a God-shaped, Christ-centred, Spirit-led community. Amongst the ways they did, was to get into the habit of meeting together for teaching, fellowship, communion and prayer, as a result of which they experienced generous giving, kindly service, growing fellowships, shared meals and worshipful lives. These essentials of Christian Community have not changed over the years, but sometimes we think we can opt in and out of some habits and still feel like we belong. In doing so we do God a dis-service.

Over the summer months I intend exploring these Holy Habits and the way that belonging to the body of Christ has always involved  all these elements. Asking how we can help and encourage one another to continue this tradition and in doing so enhance our own discipleship creating God-shaped, Christ-centred, Spirit-led communities that serve God well and honour the inheritance we have been given.

Alongside these Holy Habits we will explore the story of biblical disciples; Barnabas who encouraged, Mary who learned, Hannah who prayed, Martha who welcomed, Mary Magdalene who witnessed – how can we be encouraged, learn, pray, welcome and witness? What are the habits we do well? What new habits must we form? What does it mean to be disciples in the 21st Century?

As a Collect for the feast of Barnabas says, “Grant, O God, that we may follow the example of your faithful servant Barnabas, who, seeking not his own renown but the well­being of your Church, gave generously of his life and substance for the relief of the poor and the spread of the Gospel; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.”

Be blessed, Craig

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