About us

We are a United Reformed Church serving the East side of the City of Coventry. In 2016 we merged two churches together and in 2020 we redeveloped one side of the building to create the Welcome Area, Vestry and  Stoke Room. We are creating  new initiatives that still have roots in all that has gone before. The redeveloped building has opened up new possibilities and we would love to meet new people to come and be with people who have been through this whole journey with us and help us to grow in new ways.

We have set out our aspirations in some Mission priorities and aims, but these ideas are very much a work in progress.

Praying like Hannah, 

  • ordinary people trying to follow the way of Jesus Christ in prayer and worship
  • making our Labyrinth & prayer table available to all in their own spiritual explorations
  • where healing begins

Growing like Mary of Bethany

  • exploring the bible and our faithful response
  • create discussions that help people think about issues of faith and spirituality.

Welcoming like Martha, 

  • committed to welcome, hospitality and friendship
  • inspiring through worship and witness

Encouraging like Barnabas

  • encouraging people to make new beginnings and develop in new ways
  • put our prayer and biblical ponderings into action with an emphasis on caring for the the vulnerable.

Witnessing like Mary of Magdalene

  • network with the wider community and support others within their own networks
  • work in partnership with the organisations & people who use our premises.

Celebrating like the Dancing One

  • life’s moments
  • love shared
  • comma’s changing the flow of a sentence