Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

Infant Baptism & Thanksgiving 

We have two forms of service to mark the birth of a child. Whether we are children or adults, baptism marks the beginning of our lives as Christians and as members of the Church. In baptism we are called to take up the Cross and follow Christ in the company of all God’s people from all times and places. The baptism of a child is done on the understanding that the children will be brought up within the life of the church as far as that baptismis possible. Yet, it also symbolises that God’s love is not conditional upon parents keeping the promises they have made! Thanksgiving is a form of welcome for children used by parents who intend to bring their child up within the life of the church but nevertheless wish the child to make their own decision about baptism at some time in the future, or by those parents who know they are unlikely to bring the child up within the life of the church but nevertheless wish to give thank to God and dedicate themselves to the task of parenthood and still anticipate that one day the child will make their own decision about baptism. When you contact us we will speak to you about the form of service you wish to follow and the decision on which to use will be yours. It will take place during our usual Sunday morning worship with the congregation making promises alongside the promises made by parents and godparents.

Baptism is also available to those who have not been baptised as infants but have come to a point in their faith journey that they wish to make a commitment to follow the way of Jesus and belong to a specific church community. We would expect anyone asking to be baptised to be a regular member of our congregation.


brideWe are registered to conduct weddings of opposite sex and same sex couples.

You will need to speak to us to talk through your plans and to arrange a date. You will then need to obtain a Marriage Schedule from The Registrar in order for the Wedding to be conducted with our Authorised Person present.

To make arrangements please contact via [email protected].





You may arrange to hold a funeral at the church either before or after the committal service. You should normally ask your Funeral Director to make the necessary arrangements by contacting us via [email protected].