Building Redevelopment

During 2020 we are remodelling the side rooms of the church so as to create one entrance from Hocking Road, a flexible welcome area, a new vestry and activity room plus upgraded toilets and kitchen. The work should be completed by mid-October.

These are the plans we are working to, although they have been amended a little as we’ve gone along.


The new entrance will be accessed with a ramp from the car park and steps from the Ansty Road side. This will lead into a new multi-functional Welcome Area.

Entrance Porch with ramp from car Park
Entrance Porch
Entrance Porch from Ansty Road side.
Garden Door
View into church from new entrance. Eventually there will be doors and windows here.
Entrance and window to Welcome Area
From church into Welcome Area
Tea Bar will be in far corner

View from Welcome Area along Corridor
New Meeting Room
New Meeting Room
View from Toilets along Corridor
Kitchen – Boiler Corner
Kitchen – Cooker Corner
Kitchen Roller Shutter
Kitchen Hatch
New door into hall
Ramp from rear fire exit.