Who Are We?

Mission Objectives 

We are a worshipping community and all that we do will flow into and out of worship. 

When we meet together we will:-

Welcome and seek welcome, 

Pray and share prayer needs

Witness to God’s good news 

Disciple one another

Encourage and be encouraged

Celebrate life’s moments.

When we go our separate ways we will do so by taking our worship into our daily lives of welcome, prayer, witness, discipleship, encouragement and celebration.

Mission Background

Welcoming like Martha, Luke 10, John 11 & 12

Martha; housekeeper, theologian, disciple, witness – who together with Mary creates a culture of welcome and worship. We will be committed to creating welcome, hospitality and friendship where people are inspired to worship and witness.

Praying like Hannah,  1 Samuel 1

Hannah’s prayer was soaked in pain, bitterness, anguish and grief. It produced praise, power, potential, prophecy, proclamation. Prayer will be at the heart of who we are, it will be place where healing begins, it will be available through the labyrinth, regular prayer times and in an encouragement to spend regular time with God.

Witnessing like Mary Magdalene: Luke 8, 24, John 20

Mary, first witness to the resurrection, yet has been misrepresented through history and sidelined by patriarchal narratives. We will seek ways to witness to Jesus however much the message may be sidelined or ignored. We will explore developing a new centre in Stoke. We will network and partner with people of good will in creating loving communities.

Discipling like Mary of Bethany, Luke 10, John 11 & 12

Mary is the disciple who learns and worships at the feet of Jesus. Discipleship is about growing faith through learning from the bible and for each other. We will create regular opportunities to explore the bible, make a faithful response  and create discussions that help people think about faith and spirituality.

Encouraging like Barnabas: Acts 4, 9, 11

Barnabas is an encourager, he eases tension, finds the best in people, goes out of his way to welcome people into the church. We shall encourage people to make new beginnings and develop their skills. We will put our prayers and biblical pondering into action, emphasising a care for the vulnerable.

Celebrating like the dancing cripple: Acts 3

A man’s life is turned around when he meets the risen Christ through Peter and John. His reaction is to dance with joy and amaze those around him. We need to celebrate life’s moments, celebrate the good news of Christ, celebrate a love shared. As Dorrie told us one day, these moments are like a comma changing the flow of a sentence – so let’s find reasons to dance.

Mission Actions / URC Mission Framework

Our recent LMMR agreed that the following Mission Action In 2018/19 we will particularly focus upon the actions marked in bold

Welcoming / Hospitality & Diversity

  •  Create a community that’s welcoming to all in Wyken, and to expand our regular activities
  • Explore ways in which we welcome those who belong for a lifetime or a moment,


By continuing to meet weekly, provide welcome to all

By advertising within church and amongst friends

– with posters, invitations, display panels outside

Ensure the welcome centre is friendly and available to all

Praying / Spirituality & Prayer

  • making our Labyrinth &o all prayer table available to all in their own spiritual explorations
  • Develop Thursday morning prayers
  • Develop Thursday Evening Prayers – once a month concentrating on Open Doors


By continuing to maintain the Labyrinth as an accessible space

By continuing to meet weekly on Wednesday/Thursday mornings and weeklyon Thursday evenings

Create a prayer table whose content changes regularly, 

Encourage all users of the building to use the church/prayer table for their own prayer time.

Provide regular posters/ prayer cards for people to take awa

Witnessing / Evangelism, Community Partnerships

  • create a CRCW focused on Ball Hill
  • network with the wider community and support others within their own networks
  • work in partnership with the organisations & people who use our premises.


Complete CRCW application in time for September 2018 CRCW Development sub-committee

By end of 2018 know what community groups are operating in Wyken area and begin to establish some contacts.

Discipling  / Spirituality & Prayer, Evangelism

  • exploring the bible and our faithful response during Sunday worship 
  • create discussions that help people think about issues of faith and spiritualit

Encouraging Spirituality & Prayer, Hospitality & Diversity

  • encouraging people to make new beginnings and develop in new ways
  • put our prayer and biblical ponderings into action with an emphasis on caring for the homeless and the vulnerable.


Take every opportunity to remind people they are loved – whether it be in a sermon, in a prayer or in the way we treat one another.

Encore people in the community  activities they are involved in – pray for one another.


Celebrating / Hospitality & Diversity, Identity

  • Telling Good News stories
  • Marking moments in the life of the community
  • Making church available for Same-Sex Marriage


Continue with Testimony – telling good news story

Celebrate achievements

Complete registration process for Same- sex Marriage

when completed circulate availability via various networks