Knife Angel

I went to see the Knife Angel this week. It was glistening in the early morning sun, looking resplendent and serene. All the time I was there, other people were coming to look, photograph, talk about the message it brings, the times we live in that creates art out of confiscated knives. It is a powerful piece of art.

At the Cathedral it is positioned below Michael, his foot holding Satan to the ground – the triumph of good over evil. In both we are reminded that evil is always seeking out new ways to control us, and that we need to always be vigilant. Knife crime is the particular scourge of our society in these times, so easy to get hold of, the simple weapon of choice for too many. Indeed, many of the knives used to create the angel are the sort of knives we use each day to cut our bread or vegetables – yet these were used or kept as weapons of terror before being confiscated or given up during an amnesty. According to the information boards some arrived with the sculpture in evidence bags with blood still on them.

As we approach Easter we once again tell a story of love overcoming evil. There were some of Jesus’ followers who wanted to meet knife with knife, but when Peter did just that, Jesus heals the one who brings a sword to arrest him. Evil needs to be confronted but through creating a way of life that brings resplendence and serenity into every life.

The Knife Angel will move on after Easter, but knife crime will continue to be a problem until the hope of  Easter glistens in every life.

Be blessed